Les Fanfoireux it is like a shot of rum drinken in the jungle, an escapade in Bollywood, a love at first sight in Cape Verde!

Les Fanfoireux bring rythms from a mixed to the bone world, and deliver an electrical and original music, boosted with the tropical energy.

Vocals, brass, guitar, drums and double bass, for a hot mix that takes you straight to the sun and the party!

Les Fanfoireux, history of a project.


Originally there is a group of friends which creates a marching band as an object of celebration and freedom. Les Fanfoireux surprise from their first gigs with their communicative energy and do gigs one after the other in Belgium and abroad.

In 2014 the group decided that the Fanfare phase was over and went on stage : Everyone amplified and les Fanfoireux completely reinvented themselves, while carefully keeping the proximity to the audience that defined them from the start.

Today Les Fanfoireux play for all kinds of occasions, festivals, venues and events.

Important detail, they always offer a light formula, on the ground, with their sound equipment. They are completely independent, you just need to provide them with an electrical outlet!